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Wallace Ferguson- Biography

Mr. Ferguson has more than 25 years of experience, spanning a wide variety of systems and environments. A hands-on data processing professional, he has functioned as a Manager, Database Administrator, Database Support Analyst, Systems Analyst, Management Consultant and Programming Consultant. He currently assists clients with many aspects of their database environments.

His skill-set includes:

IMS DB/DC, DB2, VSAM, COBOL, CICS, Brownstone Data Dictionary, SQL, QMF, FASTPATH, DB2 Image Copy, Recovery and Reorganization, Runstats, DB2 Security, IMS Utilities, IBM Data Dictionary, UCC10, Lotus 123, Intertest, SMU II, IMS DB/DC Monitor, GEN utilities, TSO clists & panels, PACBASE, MVS/ESA/XA, OS & DOS JCL, COBOL/2, MicroFocus Cobol/2, WINDOWS

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