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Joel Goldstein - Biography

Joel Goldstein is an internationally acknowledged performance expert, consultant, and instructor. He has more than three decades of data processing experience, and has been directly involved with the performance management and capacity planning of online database systems for more than 20 years. He has more than ten years of experience addressing DB2 design, performance, and capacity planning issues, and has assisted many large national and international clients with their systems and applications. He is a frequent speaker at DB2 user groups and Computer Measurement Group meetings throughout North America, Europe, and the Far East. In addition to publishing more than two dozen articles on DB2 performance issues, he is also a technical editor for Enterprise Systems Journal, The Relational Journal, and was the database editor for CMG Transactions. Joel is a Director of the Northeast Region CMG, is a director of TRIDEX, was on the CMG national program committee for five years and has been a member of the North American IDUG CPC for five years.

He is president of Responsive Systems, a firm specializing in strategic planning, capacity planning, and performance tuning of online database systems.

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