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Principal Consultant

Industry Experience

Financial and Brokerage, Public Utilities, Insurance, Manufacturing, Transportation, Universities, Hospital and Nursing Facilities, Retail Sales, State and Federal Governments

Areas of Specialization

Mr. Goldstein is an internationally acknowledged DB2 performance expert. He has more than three decadess of information systems experience, with areas of specialization including organizational planning, technical staffing requirements, DBMS evaluation and selection, database design, standards for on-line systems development, service analysis and design procedures, systems design, project management, performance analysis and tuning of on-line systems, capacity planning and modeling studies, benchmarking, and hardware and software evaluation and selection. He has more than twenty-five years of experience with on-line database management systems, more than fifteen with distributed environments and applications, and ten with DB2. Mr. Goldstein has been a speaker and seminar leader at many large international user group conferences.

Professional Experience

As a consultant to a wide variety of national and international clients, Mr. Goldstein has provided database, application, and performance expertise to many large application development projects. This included the modeling of planned IMS/CICS and DB2 applications using BEST/1, CRYSTAL/IMS, and CRYSTAL/DB2 both for estimation of application performance and for processor sizing/selection. At one client site, he was responsible for the tuning of seven online IMS systems and six DB2 systems, operating in a multi-processor shared DASD environment. Additionally, he was responsible for the performance evaluations and benchmarking comparisons of different versions of database management software, and the comparison of products from different vendors. Mr. Goldstein has performed application modeling and performance tuning of several large DB2 applications and systems running on four processors using TSO, IMS, and CICS attach facilities. He has been responsible for the installation, testing, verification, and selection of DB2 performance tools for several clients, and has reviewed the overall design and specifications for several distributed client server applications. He provides ongoing Dynamic SQL Cache, DB2, database, IBM, z390, zSeries, DB2 performance, tuning, and design assistance for many worldwide clients, conducts design reviews, and has participated in additional client design reviews with IBMs Dallas Systems Center staff. He is currently working with clients to Implement, Size, and Tune the Systems and Coupling Facilities for Data Sharing environments.

As a consultant to national and international clients, he advises management of the benefits and performance expectations that can be derived from properly designed database, data-sharing, and client/server systems, and evaluates the impact of the planned systems on the existing environment. He has developed and guided the implementation of standards and procedures necessary to ensure the successful development of database systems at several client sites. He also guides the efforts of application development teams using service analysis and design review techniques to create systems, applications, and databases that are efficient and meet the business requirements of the corporation.

As Director of Information Systems for an international communications corporation, Mr. Goldstein coordinated the efforts of the application development teams creating new systems to operate within a CICS/IDMS environment. He recruited two managers and eight technical staff to bring the development teams to full strength, and reorganized the development area along functional lines of business. He guided the plans for the relocation of the data center to another state, and the simultaneous upgrading of the operating systems. He was administratively responsible for more than two hundred employees and a budget of ten million dollars.

While serving as manager of DB/DC systems at a major life insurance company he created and implemented the Systems Development Methodology that included naming conventions, programming standards, and service analysis and design review procedures. He created the standards and procedures for the Database Administration function, and recruited and trained a staff consisting of four managers and fifteen IMS specialists. He was directly responsible for the areas installing and tuning all DB/DC software including IMS/VS-MSC, VTAM, ACF/VTAM, NCP, and RACF; the selection and installation of TP hardware; the Database Administration function; and Security and Contingency Planning. He directed the efforts of four managers, twenty five technicians, and ten consultants in the course of planning and administering a budget of more than three million dollars.

As a senior consultant at a "big eight" CPA firm, Mr. Goldstein performed feasibility studies and performance analyses of IMS DB/DC systems for many clients on a worldwide basis. He designed and coded major portions of a data and resource security system marketed by the firm; he also created the documentation, installed the software at several client sites, and assisted the clients with the implementation of the software and the development of their installation standards.

At a communications utility, he had overall responsibility as IMS project manager for the maintenance and tuning of an IMS DB/DC system that supported more than six hundred terminals (in the mid 1970's), and processed eleven thousand transactions per hour on a 370/158. Through the usage of IBM software and other monitoring tools, his system and application tuning efforts reduced the average CPU utilization by eighteen percent. He designed and implemented operational procedures for emergency restart, database recovery, and daily maintenance of the IMS system and its databases. Through changes in software and procedures, he reduced the time required for the recovery of ALL the databases by eighty percent.

As the Database Administrator and senior systems analyst at a power utility, he was responsible for the evaluation effort that selected IMS, and then for the installation, testing, and maintenance of the software. As Database Administrator, he designed databases and developed the standards to be used by all applications. While a member of an MIS project team, he analyzed and developed the functional specifications for the purchasing and accounts payable systems, as part of the overall requirements for an Integrated Materials Management System.

Technical Summary


Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Association for Computing Machinery;
American Management Association, Presidents Assoc.;
Computer Measurement Group(CMG), National Program Committee;
Director, North East Region CMG;
Society for Information Management;
Technical Editor, Enterprise Systems Journal and DB2 Systems Journal;
Database Editor, CMG Transactions;
Director, TRIDEX DB2 User Group;
IDUG Conference Planning Committee.
Listed in Who's Who in US, in the East, Worldwide, and Who's Who in Scientific and Engineering Professions

Technical Publications

IMS Performance Tuning and Buffer Pool Management


Making IMS Work


Standards for IMS Systems Development


DB2 - Do You Really Want to use Dynamic SQL?

Mainframe Journal, May, 1988

DB2 Version 2.1 Offers Major New Functional and Performance Enhancements

Mainframe Journal, September 1988

Design, Performance, and Capacity Planning for DB2 Applications

Mainframe Journal, November 1988

Performance and Catalog Locking Implications of Dynamic SQL

CMG Proceedings, December 1988

Should DB2 Be Your DBMS of Choice?

Mainframe Journal, May 1989

Dynamic SQL Performance Considerations

IDUG Proceedings, August 1989

DB2 Performance Planning, Analysis, and Tuning - A Tutorial

CMG Proceedings, December 1989

Performance Implications of DB2 Backout Processing

CMG Proceedings, December 1990

DB2 Performance Planning - A Management Perspective

CMG - BOF, December 1990

Performance Measurements of DB2 Backout Processes

Enterprise Systems, February 1991

DB2 Performance Metrics

CMG Proceedings, December 1991
ESJ, March 1992

DB2 Performance is a Management Problem

CMG Transactions, Fall 1991

DB2 Performance Planning - A Management Perspective

CMG Proceedings, December 1992
ESJ, February 1994

Integrating DB2 and MVS Performance Data

IDUG Proceedings, May 1993

DB2 Version 3 Wants Your Memory

DB2 Today, August 1993

DB2 Performance is a Management Problem!

Relational Journal, August 1993

Performance Engineering & Tuning Saves > $200K a Year

IDUG 1994

DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning & Sizing

IDUG 1995; IDUG/Berlin; CMG 94; Guide, France, 97;

DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning, The yellow Brick Road

IDUG 1996; IDUG/Amsterdam CMG 95; IDUG/Melbourne;

DB2 System Performance Metrics

IDUG 1997; IDUG/Barcelona CMG 96; UKCMG 97; IDUG/Sydney;

DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning - Top Down or Bottom Up?

IDUG 1998;

Seminars/Courses Developed and Presented by Joel Goldstein

IMS Database Administration

Coopers and Lybrand February, 1977

IMS Database Design and Administration

Mutual Benefit Life April, 1978

IMS Application Design and Programming

Bell Laboratories June, 1982

IMS Transaction Processing and Application Design

Westinghouse March, 1984

IMS Database Design

Rutgers University February, 1985

DB2 Design Review and Performance Planning Considerations

Bellcore May, 1987

IMS Performance, Tuning, and Capacity Planning

Bellcore November, 1988

Using the DB2 Performance Monitor During Application Development

Bellcore November, 1988

DB2 Performance Management and Capacity Planning*


Advanced DB2 Performance and Tuning (One Day)


Integrating DB2 and MVS Performance Data (One Day)


Client Server Design, Considerations, and Impacts for DB2


* This public 3 day seminar has been presented at the following locations, some many times: Kansas City; Dallas; Washington; San Francisco; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; Santa Monica, Orlando; Chicago; New York; Boston; New Brunswick; London; Ottawa; Sydney; Brussels; Milan; Frankfurt; Utrecht; Paris; Rome, The seminar has been attended by more than 400 corporations, including IBM, Amdahl, Candle, Landmark, Legent, Goal, BMC, Boole & Babbage, and all of the big 6 CPA firms.

During 1990, he also taught Candle's DB2 courses under contract - DB2 Performance and Tuning (4 times), DB2 High Performance Design (3 times), CICS/DB2 Interface(1); and was a featured speaker at Candles 1990 Performance Conference

Other Speaking Engagements:
Knauer DB2 User Group (5), Heartland DB2 User Group, Delaware Valley DB2 User Group (5), New England DB2 User Group (2), MidWest DB2 Users Group (3) LA DB2 User Group(3), NECMG (6), PhilaCMG (7), Chicago CMG, SCMG, Minneapolis CMG, Toronto CMG, Rochester CMG (2), Hartford DPMA, Boston CMG (2), Lakeland DPMA, NY Metro DB2 User Group (4), TRIDEX (6), Bostex(2), Ottawa DB2 User Group, Melbourne CMG & DB2 User Groups (Australia), Benelux GCM, PLUG, Jacksonville DB2 User Group, Cincinnati DB2 User Group, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Breda, Milan

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