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DB2 Performance Audit

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How is your DB2 system performing? Your Applications? Where are the bottlenecks? Where are the greatest tuning opportunities? The audit is guaranteed to find areas for performance improvement that will reduce the cost of running your system and applications. Audits are performed by Joel Goldstein, an internationally acknowledged DB2 performance expert, educator, and author or one of our senior associates.  Audits have been performed for dozens of companies worldwide.

The Basic Audit Addresses

    • MVS System Specifications
    • MVS Memory Utilization and Paging
    • DB2 ZPARM Specifications
    • IRLM Specifications
    • CICS/IMS Interface Analysis
    • DB2 System Performance
    • Buffer Pool Performance
      • Sizing
      • Hit Ratios
      • Threshold Usage
      • HiperPool Usage
      • Object Placement
    • EDM Pool Usage and I/O Ratios
    • Logging Subsystem Performance
    • Checkpoint Frequencies
    • RID Pool Usage
    • Exception Triggers
    • I/O Subsystem Performance
    • Application Performance Profiles

An Extended Audit can add the following Services:

    • I/O Subsystem Analysis
    • Dataset Placement
    • Specific Application Analysis
    • Transaction Distribution Profiles
    • Access Path Evaluation
    • Locking and I/O Contention

Additional Options

    • Batch Window Problem Analysis
    • Application Design Reviews
    • Modeling and Capacity Planning
      • Processor Sizing
      • CPU Utilization
      • Memory Sizing
      • Transaction Response Times
    • V4-V6 Parallel Sysplex, Data Sharing
      • Global Pool Analysis & Sizing
      • CF Structure Sizing and Performance

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