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Buffer Pool Tool® for DB2
Buffer Pool Tool is the proven and accepted industry standard software for tuning DB2 for z/OS buffer pools.  As the only product that can predict the effect of sizing and threshold changes, or moving objects into different or totally new pools - it remains the only way to remove the guesswork from pool tuning and guarantee that tuning changes will provide performance gains.  Attempting to tune without being able to predict is merely guessing about the outcome - and pool size increases don’t always, or necessarily, provide a performance improvement.  Since the most important performance metric is the I/O rate/second, Buffer Pool Tool predicts this, predicts the System Hit Ratio, and predicts the working set sizes of all objects at different pool sizes, and/or in different pools.

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Coupling Facility Sizing Module
Sizes the CF structures based on statistical data from your 'operating' DB2 system(s).  This an included component of, and requires, the Buffer Pool Tool.

DIFF for DB2

DIFF for DB2 is a workstation graphics-based product that utilizes Buffer Pool Tool® data as input for its analysis. Buffer Pool Tool® version 8.3 or higher, for DB2 z/OS, is a prerequisite for DIFF. The software provides a workstation-based data store of performance data, and allows you to compare any two sets of stored performance data. The compared sets of data can be for a single DB2 subsystem, or an entire Data Sharing Group.

Buffer Pool Optimizer™ -
Eliminates the Effort of Tuning your DB2 for z/OS Buffer Pools 

Buffer Pool Optimizer™ provides the complete configuration and sizes for your buffer pools, and properly group your objects into the required number of pools, to optimize your performance based on the amount of memory you can allocate for DB2 buffer Pools. It removes the analysis time and effort from your pool tuning activities, and allows you to focus on other areas that may provide additional performance benefits.  The Buffer Pool Tool® is a pre-requisite for Buffer Pool Optimizer.  

Check out the Buffer Pool Optimizer Product Description (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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